10 Home Security Tips to Teach your Children

We often talk to parents wanting to know how they can gently introduce the topic of home security and safety at home. With the increasing crime in the Waikato and the kids being home for the holidays, it’s a great time to go through security with your children. We’ve come up with a list of 10 important home security tips to teach your children.

Please review this list and make sure they understand without being worried. You know best how to communicate with your child!

1) Do not open the door to strangers. The same rule applies to strangers at home as it does on the street, “Do not talk to strangers”! Take the time to explain to your children that although home is a safe place, the reason it is safe is because your family takes precautions by not opening doors to strangers. Always ask an adult in the house before opening the door even if you know the person standing outside.

2) Explain to your children that there are bad people who pose as tradesmen, delivery people, or even people in distress. It’s alright not to open the door. Explain these people can always get help next door or come back later when an adult is available to deal with it.

3) Install door viewers at your children’s eye level or have a safe step/stool nearby for the child to use safely. Quite often door viewers are installed without any thought given to children.

4) Make sure your children don’t brag about your families purchases: Whether it is a new television, Xbox or laptop a burglar might have overheard the conversation. The last thing your children need is an unexpected visitor at the door. I know this sounds silly but sadly is still very relevant.

5) Teach your older children how to secure all locks and alarms when they are in the home alone. Have them show you how to arm and disarm the alarm system and secure all door locks and window locks. Making sure they understand the importance of getting into this habit. Make sure your alarm has a cellular back-up in the event of a phone line cut.

6) Dedicate a secure room: Have a lockable room as an escape in the event of a forced entry. Rehearse with your children how they would find their way to safety once locked inside a secured room if that is an option (e.g. out window & over fence to neighbours). Spend some time thinking this through as every house and location is unique.

7) Make sure your children have access to a cellular phone to use in case of emergency. If your phone lines are cut or tampered with, your children can still call for help if alone at home.

8) Practice Emergency Calls.

9) Have a list of family contacts: Your children should have a list of family contacts should they experience a problem they don’t know how to handle, like a malfunctioning lock or alarm system.

10) If they answer the phone to a stranger wanting to know if their parents are home. Have them tell the party that their parents are busy right now and they will have to call back later. Frightening calls should be reported to a family contact immediately.

If your home security needs a review or you need a new security system installed, the team at BOnline, powered by BAlarmed are happy to help. We have packages to suit all of your needs, and the system is modular so can be added to at any time.

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