Eufy Security Light Camera

$499.00 Inc GST

Capture more detail in crisp 2K clarity. 2,000-lumen motion-activated floodlights light up every corner and scares off intruders. No monthly fees, motion-triggered recordings are stored securely to the built-in local storage. Communicate with anyone outside via the Eufy Security app. Built-In 100dB Smart Siren provides a harsh warning to scare off unwanted guests. When an event is identified, the footage will be recorded, and an instant alert will be sent.

Features & Benefits
Flawless 2K Surveillance – Live-stream and record in full 2K resolution and see exactly who’s there in crisp clarity.
Powerful Built-in AI – Human detection technology enables the camera to intelligently detect body shapes. Ensuring you are only alerted when a person, and not a stray cat, approaches.
Night Version – Detailed and full-color recordings even at night.
Shining a Light on Who’s There – 2,000-lumen super-bright motion-activated floodlights deter intruders.
Smart Siren – A harsh warning for any intruders. A loud 100dB alarm can be triggered to scare off any unwanted visitors.
Instant Alerts – Get notified immediately of activity and interact in real-time. Instant alerts allow you to always have an eye on your home.
Ready for any season – IP65 Weatherproof rating – built to withstand freezing cold winters, heavy downpours or dry, hot summers.
Every corner covered – Wide-angle view ensures you get the whole picture while streaming in full 2K HD.
Two-Way Audio talk – Communicate with anyone outside via the eufy security APP, even when you’re not home.
No Hidden Costs – You shouldn’t have to pay monthly fees for data storage. Local storage is more secure and doesn’t cost extra!
Requires professional installation by a Licensed Electrician.

Eufy Security Light Camera

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