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With over 20 years experience in the security industry. B:Alarmed & B:Online have joined forces offering high quality security products to protect your rural property from theft and unwanted visitors.

Fieldays have shown us many innovations around farming and rural lifestyle even though the event came in December, instead of June!

The farming community has to respond to many new challenges and sadly, one same old problem – Farm Security. Farms are more than ever subjected to burglaries, vandalism and other crimes.

The NZ Police has put out a rural security check list which you can access here.

We agree that farm security alarms as part of a responsive security system are absolutely necessary. But there is more to an effective farm security system.

We’ve been in the game a long time, and we know what works. Check out our Farm Security Solutions here.

Terence Blunt, one of our directors at B:Online started B:Alarmed has worked within the agricultural technology industry for over a decade.

While working as a senior technician installing the LIC drafting system, Protrack and helping to develop and install the acclaimed Halo farm system, Terence has seen first-hand the devastation caused to farmers as victims of rural crime. We understand the problems farmers face regarding security for areas on farms where conventional systems just won’t cover like: tool sheds, motorbike and quad bike sheds, hay barns, VAT rooms and unauthorised visitors at night using the tanker track.

The security system we use utilises the Ajax alarms wireless technology. The sensors are all wireless with battery life of up to 7 years and a range from the main hub of up to 2000m, allowing for intruder sensors to be installed in locations that conventional security systems just can’t get.

The system has 2 different arming zones meaning the dairy area can be disarmed while milking but the barns, tool sheds, VAT doors and the tanker track can all stay armed. The system is entirely modular allowing you to add sensors and grow the system as you see fit.

All alarm notifications come straight to your smartphone and the smartphones of designated users.

The Hub itself has three different ways to connect to the internet, WIFI, ethernet connection and pay as you go or account sim card.

The system offers lots of extra sensors such as wireless smoke detectors for hay barns, flood detection sensors, shed door sensors, outside sensors for security over uncovered areas and motion camera sensors.

This system has truly been designed for the rural sector. For a personalised system specific to your requirements, call us on 0800 618 101 or message us here.


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